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Drawing from CEO Jinwoong Park's extensive two-decade tenure since 2006, New Entertainment epitomizes excellence in large-scale music festivals, indoors and outdoors alike. Rooted in his seasoned expertise, our events seamlessly blend meticulous organization with unforgettable entertainment experiences. Stay loyal to our commitment to excellence and innovation in event production, exemplified by our acclaimed productions, including the iconic "Youth Branding Festival" and the esteemed "Paju Folk Festival."

4 Consecutive Years of
Organizing Paju Folk Festival

Introducing the esteemed Paju Folk Festival, Korea's largest celebration of folk music, established in 2011 and now in its 13th consecutive year. Paju Folk Festival takes place at Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Outdoor Performance Hall, paying homage to the beloved folk & pop music legends of the 70s to the 90s. Co-hosted by Paju City and CBS, and organized by the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization and Joy Communication, the festival boasts a stellar lineup including iconic artists such as Lee Eun-mi, Byun Jin-seop, and YB. 

Youth Branding Festival

Navigating the new era of multi-faceted identities, Youth Branding Festival is an ESG-growth festival organized by New Entertainment, dedicated to unearthing nascent talents, empowering them to recognize their own potential and gain recognition from the wider world.

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