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Creative Factory

The Creative Factory

In sync with the zeitgeist, New Entertainment is at the forefront of pioneering novel challenges and cultivatinginnovative cultures., crafting dynamic cultural and artistic productions, delivering thought-provoking lecture content, and orchestrating bespoke event experiences. 


Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that we consistently deliver bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and audiences. As a vanguard in culture and the arts, we set the pace for emerging trends.


Performance Planning 

​New Entertainment is a professional performance planning company that can operate in various areas, starting from large festivals to small performance production, planning, hosting, promotion, and marketing.

Artist & Expert Management

We are an avant-garde agency catalyzing the cultural and artistic landscape, meticulously curating a cadre of visionaries and experts, while engaging audiences through top-tier content delivery.


New Media
Planning & Production

Resonating with the modern zeitgeist, we are actively engaged in online media production through the latest platforms.

Our Partners

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